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-- Isaac Asimov
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Q: Who the hell is MrPikes?
A: MrPikes is one in a long string of aliases and noms de plume. Others include Lars Manfrenjensen and the name Anthony itself (I was born Paul David Danielsen).

It started as my first Internet handle when I was riding in the right-hand lane of the Information Superhighway, also known as AOL. The Internet was, to me, a strange and potentially dangerous place. I didn't want to be running around using my actual name (whatever that is). I had heard about this "chat" thing and thought that I might want to do it. As it turned out I went into a chat room exactly once, so the point was moot.
Q: Where does the name come from?
A: Ray Bradbury. In several of his short stories (Usher II from The Martian Chronicles and The Tombling Day from I Sing the Body Electric!, to name two) characters named Pikes turn up. They are different characters from story to story, which leads me to believe that Bradbury just likes the way that the name sounds. I do, too.
Q: Why isn't there a period between "Mr" and "Pikes"?
A: For a couple of reasons. Mostly, because it syncs with the URL and e-mail addresses. In addition, in a sort of fast and loose way I use it to assess the data quality of the lists purchased by companies who send me junk mail. I show up as M.R. Pikes, Mr. Pikes, Mr. P. Ikes, and so on.
Q: Don't you think that all of this name play is just a rather adolescent expression of your desire to keep reinventing yourself instead of just being comfortable with who you are?
A: Mind your own goddamn business.

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